Timber Holiday


After  3 years of constant work, we are going on a vacation.  We are visiting our good friends at AMgreat in Taiwan and also our friends in South Korea at A.K.A. Boardshop.


If you order a board which is in stock during this week (until 7th of october) we can ship your board before our departure date. Backorder will ship in the first week of november. We are leaving The Netherlands on the 10th of october and we will return on the 27th.

So if you order a board between 8-27 october, your board will not ship until the first week of november. If you order between 2 october and 7 october, your order will ship before 10th of october. 

We will make a lot of posts on Instagram, Facebook and the website itself to make sure this information doesn’t get looked over.

If you order a board with the Fancy Dancer Grip, there is a chance it can’t be finished next week. This will also be made very clear when you try to order Fancy Dancer Grip.

We worked really hard to have some stock before we leave, so if you order now, chances are that we can deliver fast. We will do our very best to keep everyone informed that makes an order.


We hope everyone will understand this delay. We understand that when you order, you want your board as fast as possible. We ask politely to have some patience if you decide to order between 7th and 27th of october. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us.

We hope this doesn’t deter you from buying a Timber Board in the days that we are gone.

Tim, Jouke and me are wishing you a very merry month. With lots of skating and few bails.


Skate on!




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