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Hello there ladies and gentlemen. How long has it been? Too long indeed. Why has it taken so long to produce some news? Why must you wait to get a view at what’s new? How come it takes so long to write something that reads like a song? What’s wrong?

Well to be totally honest, we had so much stuff going on every day of the week that the newsletter kinda slipped our minds. We apologize for this. So, to get you up to speed, here’s a list of what the hell is going on at the headquarters:

  • Development
  • Break ins
  • Graphics
  • Orders
  • Website
  • Team
  • Events

This should be enough for one newsletter. The next one will give more insights.

Little disclaimer: This Newsletter contains swearing and in some weakhearted people’s perspective even blashphemy. Godverdomme.



We are never, ever satisfied with our own product. So if there is a way to make them better, we will implement it. The Bison for instance now comes with a bidiagonal carbon bottom (under veneer). We noticed that changing the heavy glass to this carbon makes the board lighter, tougher and less flexy after months of abuse.

Now this is one example. We are also looking at the finish. Once we had a customer who complained that their veneer broke near the trucks. We fixed this. Also, the older Conselectas had such aggressive shapes that the top layer decided to crack. We fixed this (a few months ago).

As we grow, we learn and as we learn we implement. We are now extremely confident in the durability and toughness that the Timber Board brand exemplifies. It has been a long road to find the perfect layup for all this differently shaped boards.

Now that we know through prototyping what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to fuggen’ steamroll this train right through the minds and hearts of skaters. Better hold on to your flatcaps and 5-panels because shit is about to go down.

We can’t (and won’t)  give too many details yet, because we are working on the graphic stuff but we are way too excited to not share this:


Some of you might have noticed some of our teamriders bringing forth unknown decks to events. One of these is the upcoming Axolotl which will be Mor’s pro-board. The end result will be revealed soon, once the graphic designs are finished.

It’s going to be around 105 centimeters (41,3 inches) long. Adjustable wheelbase and microdrop/rocker combo. So it’s a board that is going to be on the short end of the spectrum length-wise. Combining different weaves of carbon (full carbon layer + stringers) results in a lightweight and very strong board.




This one is deliberately clouded in more mystery. Jouke Bos, our talented downhill/freerider helped a LOT in designing this beast. It’s the start of a whole new chapter in Timber Boards and we are more than excited. We are ecstatic.

After testing the first prototype at Walonhill the feedback from the community has already been amazing. Considering the fact that this was just the first prototype we expect a lot from this goat. That’s actually where the name Chamois (pronounced sha-moy/sjamooi) comes from. It’s a goat. Made for mountains. A Mountain goat. Ain’t that clever?

Antiloper revamp

The Antiloper is getting a make over. We noticed that, even though people liked to skate it, it wasn’t quite the board of choice for most freeriders. We are working together with Jouke Bos again to cater this board more to your freeriding needs. Coming up near 2017.

Even more coming up

We have so many ideas and feedback from the community. We got a whole new line-up waiting to be pushed through the tubes. We need to fix everything first, so that the whole release will be smooth. Meaning HQ pictures, promo videos and getting people to test the models. Prototyping is something we take very seriously, especially for the DH decks. In total we expect at least 4 more models hitting the shelves at your favorite skateshops in 2017. Keep your eyes open.


Break ins

Police at HQ

Earlier this year some scabby fucking hobo’s decided it was a good idea to trash our headquarters.

So Tim and me were minding our own business when we arrived at the workshop. Something was astray. We noticed that the door was unlocked and it had some nasty scars on it. When we were done figuring out what happened (which took us longer than you might think. Who in their right mind would want to steal from us? We didn’t expect this) we walked in. Every little cabinet, box, drawer and door was opened and all our stuff was scattered around he workshop. They were probably looking for money. Jokes on them since we didn’t have cash anywhere. Didn’t stop them from tearing the place apart though. A short inventory of stuff that was missing showed that we had about 1000-1500 Euro’s of stuff stolen.

At this time we got insurance (Lesson learned the hard way). We might install a crossbow-alarm but we are working out if this is ethical. Big companies seem to be getting away with worse so why not?

Anyways, some observant people in our hometown of Leeuwarden found some of our stuff scattered across the terrain for businesses and got some of the stolen boards back. Thanks a lot to the community who shared our break-in post like 300 times. That did the trick.


 For most board builders the whole graphics thing is a big pain in the ass. For us it’s nothing different. We want to give you guys perfection, but being a small company with no investors sometimes means that we have to work with the stuff we have. Now, incidentally, the stuff we have is not good enough anymore. Not in our eyes at least.

Thankfully we have been trying out new stuff, from silkscreen printing to actual 3d printing, to hand painting to heat transfer. We might have found a new way that ensures a crisp looking graphic. We will not give away details about this just yet, but expect the graphic to be tighter and more intricate. Also considering changing them all up for 2017. We are undecided about this as of yet. PROGRESS!


Man o man. We are actually almost done with the waiting list for most orders. Sometimes though, you still might have to wait a few weeks (2 or 3) to receive your board. We are sorry for this but on the horizon dawns a new era. A time where somebody orders a board and gets it the same week. Wouldn’t that be swell?


So many ideas, so little time. We finally figured out the ordering process. Also including complete setups and options for griptape. More coming up though. Like the Dancer-grip that we are very excited about. Need to get some pictures and put them up there, but more pressing issues has put this a bit on the background. Coming soon though.

Also we are planning to offer full completes with a setup that has been tested to work well with the different models we provide. Meaning you can order a complete board where all you have to do is let us know what color combination you want and we’ll make sure you got the best possible setup.

Also, the tricktionaire is coming. Imagine skating and practicing but not having the inspiration for learning a new trick. Well why not check the Timber website? Hidden agenda here is of course that we get more people to visit our site. But the main idea is that skaters from around the world can get inspiration for new tricks, or perfect the ones they are currently practicing. Not an easy task but we are getting there.

Team page and family page are also being worked on. We are so very proud to have built up a huge, HUGE team of people who are helping us with all aspects of the company. We want to show you these people and give them the respect they deserve.

Some other kinks in the cable are currently worked on as well. We want the whole experience of buying a Timber Board to be as hassle free as possible so any feedback about the website is greatly appreciated.

Artist collaborations

We are a great fan of creativity in all forms. We are very lucky to have the great contacts with artists that we have. Several local artists are given boards and told to ‘just do what feels right’. This often results in beautiful one-of-a-kind boards. So if you’re looking for something special, you need to look no further. Check out our SPECIALS page. Every time we get something new from our artists and it isn’t a custom order from a customer, we put it up here.

The deal here is that the board is sold for more money compared to the ‘standard’ boards with the normal graphic. This is to support the artist who made the board. Considering that making a handdrawn graphic takes considerably longer than a normal standard graphic, we think this is fair. Also it makes it a bit more special, since the board now has three stories: Why you chose it, the story of the artist and the story of Timber Boards.


As Timber Boards is growing, so is the team.

It’s the most amazing thing to get a lot of offers for help from all kinds of people. We now have a handfull of artists making designs for one-of-a-kind boards and we are getting e-mails, facebook messages, instagram messages and so on of people offering their skills to us. We want to give every talent a platform to display their art and a longboard is a brilliant canvas.

We really like the fact that we can help local artist to get their work out there. We want a beneficial thing for all parties so the artists gets some moneh, we sell a board and the customer gets a truly one-of-a-kind board. Win-win-win.

Gabriël. Picture by Simon Sti

Gabriël. Picture by Simon Sti

Next to these collaborations, we are honored to have recruited Gabriel de la Tour from France. We also were very happy to learn that he would be coming over in June. We had an awesome time skating, eating meat and baguettes. We are looking forward to skate more with this talented young man and hang out soon in France.









Joey. Picture by Hans Jellema

Joey. Picture by Hans Jellema

Another honor is to welcome Joey Hobma to the Flow-team. Showing great promise by winning a game of skate in Mannheim, finishing 4th in the freestyle contest at STOKED and being an overall laid back dude. Already earning the nickname “King of the North”.









Jesse. Picture taken by unknown

Jesse. Picture taken by unknown

Jesse Dekker is now also officially a Flow-member of Timber Boards. Being a very driven longboarder with a raw and devil-may-care style combining hard tricks with madness. This guy really, really doesn’t give a damn.









Pablo. Picture by unknown

Pablo. Picture by unknown

Never forget Pablo, the newest addition since King of the Jungle 2016. One of the most funny, friendly and awesome guys ever. Good thing he also skates like a champ. Sorry to Cosmo Longboards, we never mean to take teamriders away from our friends and collegues. It was a mutual choice to join the best team on planet Earth: Timber.









Victor. Picture by unknown

Victor. Picture by unknown

While the Chamois and the new Antiloper are being developed, we need a skilled rider in our team to test these babies. One of the fastest youngsters out there is Victor van Oudenrode. Madman. Very proud to have this guy on our team thanks to Jouke Bos. The start of a Timber Downhill Division.








Julius Everard’s dancing is as flamboyant as the Flamingo he rides on. Mixing the old school with the new wave, he does the stuff no one dares to do. Landing v-spins in a 360 boneless or a bs pirouette to oldschool kickflip, no problem. We will be helping with perfecting the Flamingo for the 2017 series.

We are very sad to have to say goodbye to Gijs Schalkx. Not as a friend mind you! But as a teamrider for Timber. One of the best skaters in the world on a Longboard. To be totally care free and skate whenever he wants was his wish. Who are we to deny this? Since it is what we wish for ourselves. With a tear in our eyes but hope in our hearts we respect his choice! Forever part of the family.


Rolle Bolle in Leeuwarden was awesome. First of its kind. Because apparently skateboarders and longboarders were represented at this event at the same time. Have you ever seen or heard about this happen before? We as Timber were very happy to be involved in sponsoring, planning and execution in this event where skating was a way of connecting people. A great step for our cultural capital Europe 2018.

Also we were represented at So.. You Can Longboard Dance 2016? This was well documented by freaking everyone who attended, so you must’ve seen a lot about all this. Our favorite video is this one, by Riding Adventures . Funny, good looking people and hard tricks:

Mannheim Longboard Open was a blast aswell. Goddamn the level of skating was high. Everybody totally rocked this contest. So proud of Nadya for winning the first place for women (again).  <– check the video

King of the Jungle was crazy. We shared some posts on facebook. And we are always proud to list the wins for Timber Boards, thanks to our amazing team of go-getters:

-First place men freestyle: Olivier Gossink
-Second men freestyle: Gabriel de La Tour
-First place best trick: Mor Wolf Wax
-First place pushrace: Jesse Dekker
-Second place hippy jump: Joey Hobma
-Second and third place best trick: Jesse Dekker and Julius Everard
-Fourth place women: Nadya Doerga
-Second place best gturn: Olivier Gossink
-Judge and 2nd day host: Tim Snel


To finalize:

Listen, so much more has happened and it makes my head spin. This newsletter tries to give you the general picture but the changes and growth we are experiencing at Timber Boards is beyond our wildest dreams. We would’ve never guessed such response from the community a few years ago. We could only hope for skaters too choose our boards all over the world.

But we are far from done. Our mission is to be the best. The biggest. The Macdaddy.. We have a long way to go but finally the bricks are being laid out in such a way that we have a stable base. Although we want to do everything ourselves (no big bank loans and stuff), we can’t do it without your help.

Keep spreading the stoke. Talk about Timber the way you want to talk about it to your longboarding friends. It’s our job to make this story of yours as positive as we can by giving you the best quality boards that money can buy.  We will work the skin off our bones too guarantee satisfaction. But in the end, all that matters is the joy of skating.

Stop reading and go skate!







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