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Tortini Factory Second


Factory Second boards are slightly blemished boards making them cheaper then our regular boards. They are build the same way as our regular boards but have small imperfections or blemishes, usually at the graphic side of the board. The blemishes will not have any effect on skating or the construction, just the way the board looks. If you want to know what blemishes a board has, please send us an email at info@skatetimber.com with the board model and flex type and we will send you pictures of it!

Flex type Flex, Medium, Stiff
Length 110 cm, 43.31 inch
Width 23 cm, 9.06 inch
Wheelbase 63.9 cm – 70.0 cm, 25.16 inch – 27.56 inch (total of 9 options)
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General Description

High, balanced pop. Concave at the bolts. Rocker, for the nonchalant swagger with dancing. Insert another few fancy marketing terms like “Durabilty” and “Green” here. Basicly it is all the good things of a Tortuga, but 7 cm smaller. Making this board light, but strong. Poppy, but steady. Great for dancing AND freestyle.

At Timber we strive for durabilty through longevity. Multiple wheelbases gives you the ability to make your tails longer after skating a while. The extra bamboo at the kicks not only adds to this, but also gives it a really strong and steady pop throughout all the wheelbases.

Two-stage kicks makes this board feel comfortable any way you stand.

Closer to the bolts for one footed tricks you will find that the concave is still there. This concave allows for a better grip while doing tricks like blunt slides, g-turns, all those tricks that require you to know where you are on your board. Further away from the bolts and you’ll notice the kicks curve upwards a bit more. This two-stage curve gives a lot of control during manuals, and gives the kick a familiar and predictable feel.



Well first off, it has 6mm rocker, but is in different stages. You won’t feel a ‘drop’ but it feels low to the ground and evenly spread throughout. Even though it’s a bit more intricate than that. Because at the stance, the concave is a bit more compared to the waist, but since the waist is bit more wide it feels like one solid concave, but it is not. The whole combination with the rocker and the outline of the shape makes it all flow perfectly together to feel comfortable at first ride. You will always feel where you stand on the board exactly. Making it perfect for the more technical freestyle side of the skate-spectrum.

The concave protrudes throughout the kicks, making them very stiff. This in turn gives the board a steady pop. Also, right after the bolts it goes a bit straight, and after that it goes up and up. In every orientation whether it’s in a manual or a blunt slide, it feels somehow ‘right’. The shape also gives it a steady feel and the extra strips of bamboo make it durable.

Mechanical Properties
Beneath the whole top layer we’ve put carbon fiber. Next to that it has extra carbon reinforced kicks, portuding over the bolts. This ensures a solid pop. And it will stay solid. Furthermore, because we have carbon in this one, we can use a lighter glasstype on the bottom. Making this board feel like Tortuga, but a lighter board. Also, it’s shorter. Which will affect the flex. A carefully tested and chosen combination of glass and carbon weaves makes this board very balanced out. Tough, light, but also available in three different flex types thanks to the lay-up. If you’re used to the Tortuga, remember: this one is a bit stiffer.

Variable wheelbase for a huge variety of set-ups. The longest is 76,4 centimeters and the shortest is 70,4 centimeters. With three different possibilities on both sides you’ve got a total of 9 different choices on where to place your trucks. Long enough for slow paced dancing, or short enough to dance fast with a slower speed. Whatever you want.

All-round, balanced, versatile.

Tiny turtles. Made by Lance Schmale

Suggested set-up
We personally think that this board needs a dancing/freestyle set-up. 50 degrees 180/ trucks with 60-65mm wheels. It has wheelwells, but for larger wheels we suggest an appropriately sized riser.


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