Be that one person at the event that helps everybody out by having this tool. Make friends and maybe experience some romantic endeavours by owning this instantly satisfying tool for those in need.

If you land a lot on the side of your trucks, sometimes the thread gets beaten up. This guy has a rethread thingy in the middle so you can save your trucks if you do it right.


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What is a Y-Tool?

A Y-Tool is a Y shaped tool to tighten your longboard or skateboard trucks.

Why it’s a Y-Tool?

Why a Y-tool?

So you can rethread your truckthread.

When longboarding or skateboarding it’s important to be able to do some quick repairs and or adjustments to your deck. You need to be able to loosen or tighten the trucks, check the wheels and bearings and regularly check the tightness of your nuts and bolts that hold the trucks to your deck. You can always bring a toolbox or multitool with you but what’s more easy than a pocket sized tool that has nothing more and nothing less than the most essential for your exact purpose? A T-tool, Y-tool or skatetool will do the job like no other.

What is a T-tool?

A T-tool or skatetool is commonly used for commonly used for assembling or de-assembling a skateboard or longboard. Even the most simple T-tool has all the necessary tools for basic maintenance. Although generally called a T-tool it can have some different shapes and sizes, Y-tools for example often have an extra tool added for re-threading the axles of the wheels which take a beating when landing primo.

What tools are in a T-tool?

  • 3/8″ Hardware Socket
  • 9/16″ Kingpin Nut Socket
  • 1/2″ Axle Nut Socket
  • 1/8″ Allen Wrench
  • #2 Phillips-Head

Some skatetools have a a bit of extra functionality For example the Silver Tool has an adjustable rattle for the 3/8″ socket and a rasp part on top for shaving off the side of that extra bit of grip tape you added. The Paris Truck Co. Multi-Tool is unmatched in portability as it can be slimmed down to a pipe of about 10cm by 15mm. Since its hollow it can fit any length of axle, screw and kingpin with ease. The MACH advanced T-Tool has switchable attachments. Also includes a bearing pressing thingy. ALSO an axle rethreader in the center.

What is the difference between a T-tool and  a Y-tool?

The name basically says it all, The T or Y stands for the shape of the tool.