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Skanunu Bearing Cleaner and Lube


A by the Timber Boards Family recommended bearing cleaner and lube in one. We fixed bearings that where deemed unfixable with this great product(Even our sanding machines bearings!)
NOTE: After applying the bearing cleaner and lube be sure to go skating instantly! Do NOT let the cleaner sit over night, it will mess up your bearings!!!

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  • Skanunu Bearing Cleaner and LubeUsing Skanunu Really Wet and Slippery Bearing Cleaner & Lube has its benefits:It cleans all components (Shield, Inner Race, Bearings, Retainer, and Outer Race) of your ABEC rated, swiss, Biltin and ceramic bearing sets with its tough degreasing formula
    It coats all the metal components with a non-corrosive protective shield to polish and repel water & dirt without harming the plastic, nylon or rubber components typically found in bearing sets.
    It leaves behind a long-lasting non-drying lubricant that keeps you riding fast — all in a 2oz. bottle!