Fancy dancer grip

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Fancy Dancer Grip is currently unavailable for the next 6 months. Due to the unexpected large demand in boards last year and this year it’s become too time consuming and too hard to keep track of stock management. As soon as calmer times are near we will look into stocking up dancergrip again. We’re sorry but we also want you to have your board delivered within a reasonable time period so you can keep doing the stuff you love.

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The patterns and colors will not be exactly the same as in the picture, but slightly different every time. Completely unique for every board!

For dancing there is no better way to get that grip during your chops than with Fancy Dancer Grip from Timber Boards. Especially if you combine this with grip on your nose and tail.

A bit less grippy compared to normal griptape makes this add-on to your board ideal for fast footwork. It’s easy on the shoes, whereas normal griptape wears your shoes down rather fast.

The Fancy Dancer Grip is a Timber Boards special product that can only be applied by us during the production stage of the board. It’s only possible to buy this grip in combination with a board. We use a material which we put on the deck with a special resin that makes it last as long as your board. This is done in the early production stage and has to harden for a day or two. The grip layer is really strong and can’t be removed without using powertools. This is why we have to make it on demand, it would be impossible to keep everything in stock which is why there is a little waiting time of 1-2 weeks before a deck with Fancy Dancer Grip is shipped out.

Please Note: Adding fancy dancer grip takes some time. If your board is in stock, it takes about one or two weeks to finish the deck.