Custom graphic print


Do you want your own graphic on a deck? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! You can send us the graphic you’ve made yourself before buying to check if its good to print on a deck and buy this add-on with your preferred deck and we’ll start building as soon as we can! Let us know what colour you like on top of the deck in the comment section of your order or just fill out the contact for with your ordernummer. You can pick from any of the existing deck colours but i you have something special in mind it’s mostly discussable.

Make it complete
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General information and limitations:

-Please keep in mind we do a cutout of the shape of the board. Everything in the graphic file outside of this outline will not be on the board.
-We will place our logo on the graphic.
-Production time of the custom board is about 2 to 6 weeks.
-Copyrighted artwork is not allowed!!!
-Colors might be slightly different then what you see in your file. This is because we apply the graphic on bamboo. Natural bamboo is a bit yellow which slightly affects the final colors of the product.
-When we take your order in production we apply the graphic to bamboo and will send you a picture of the graphic on bamboo before we take it in production. At this point you can let us know if you want anything changed. Keep in mind we only do this once per custom graphic.

We’d like to have the graphic in the following file:
Dimensions are
Tortuga: 25/122 cm
Tortini: 25/117 cm
Meerkat: 25/88 cm
Axolotl: 25/112 cm
Flamingo: 25/129 cm
Kiwi: 25/124 cm


We would like to receive the graphic as a PDF with photoshop or illustrator layers if possible. If this is not possible, send us the highest quality file. You can use to send the file to our email,