Custom graphic


Make it complete


General information and limitations:

-We do use white inks in our graphics application. Anything in the graphic that is white will become white. The background is a caramelised bamboo so on parts you don’t use colour you will have a nice bamboo veneer on your graphic.

-Please keep in mind we do a cutout of the shape of the board. Everything in the graphic file outside of this outline will not be on the board..

-Production time of the custom board depends on the graphic orders I do at my supplier. Generally you should recieve your deck in about a month after the order but for more specific schedule you can contact me.

-Copyrighted artwork is not allowed!!!

-We can only do custom bottom graphics but also top graphics, you can also choose a top colour you can choose a fancy dancer grip or venust veneer!

We’d like to have the graphic in the following file:

Dimensions are

Tortuga: 25/122 cm

Tortini: 25/117 cm

Toro: 25/104 cm

Meerkat: 25/88 cm

Axolotl: 25/112 cm

Flamingo: 25/128 cm

Ondjongo: 25/128 cm

Kiwi: 25/124 cm




We would like to receive the graphic as a PDF with photoshop or illustrator layers if possible. If this is not possible, send us the highest quality file. You can use to send the file to our email,