Bidiagonal Carbon fibre finish


Custom Longboard base product

The Custom Longboard is the base product for any customization you want on your deck. After putting this in your Cart you can now choose for a custom Venust Veneer  and / or a Fancy dancer grip on your deck. The two of these can be combined.

Custom Longboards will be made on order and can take a bit of time to be completed. If ordered from stock you can expect to get the order shipped to you in 3 weeks, this is because they aren't actually in stock but can be pressed the same day because the molds are already fitted into the press. If ordered from backorder it can take between 3 and 6 weeks before pressing starts. If you want a more specified completion time you can always send me an e-mail via the Contact page or slide in IG DMs.

This product can only be bought in combination with the Venust Veneer and / or Fancy Dancer Grip. 


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Custom Longboard base product


El Toro, Axolotl, Tortini Stiff, Tortuga Stiff, Kiwi Stiff, Flamingo V3 Stiff