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For those of you patient enough to wait until it was ready: THE MEERKAT.
A Timber cruiser board. You know what that means.

Length78.6 cm, 30.94 inches
Width20.1 cm, 7.91 inches
Wheelbase40 cm, 15.75 inches
Kicks14 cm, 5.51 inches

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General Description

Whether your big, small, average or jumbo sized: the Meerkat is a great addition to your quiver. An all-purpose cruiser unlike all the others. Why? Because it is made by us. Therefor it is strong, durable, functional and also a piece of art. We are not humble as you can tell. But we know for a fact that this board has the best lay up out there and we are very proud of the whole development and graphic. Although it might seem like a straight up cruiser, we took a lot of time and effort to make it just that little bit extra spicy. Listening to a lot of feedback, but also listening to our own expertise and what WE want a cruiser to be: elegant, fun and strong.

The concave of the Meerkat is simple and functional. For a narrow board (20.1 cm or 7.91 Inch) it has pretty distinct concave. Making flip tricks real easy because the rail is curved upwards enough that it hits that sweet spot between ‘mellow’ and ‘enough’. We would use the word ‘sweet’ to describe it. Not too much, but plenty for all your freestyle tricks. All of them.

A flat but big tail and a sharply upturned nose. The angle of the tail is lower compared to that of the nose is what we are saying. This helps with catching your board in an ollie and provides a smooth but quick pop. The tail is also rather long (14 cm or 5.51 Inches) compared to the total size of the board (78.6 cm or 30.94 Inches). The nose is rather short, making nollie tricks a challenge, but it has enough beef to it to actually use it.

The rounded shape of the tail is so that in every angle the rebound will feel the same, giving more control over your board. With quick turning while scraping your tail on the floor, this design also helps in even wearing and tearing of the board, adding again to the durability. The back set of bolts is still level. The kick start right at the bolts. The decision for this is so that the impact forces on the kick get more evenly distributed over a larger area and having a more stable and predictable ride.

Mechanical Properties
The lay-up of is the same as the other Timber Boards. We experimented with different lay ups for this board to maybe be able to produce it cheaper. But every test we did with different lay-ups simply didn’t meet our standards. So we opted for a full lay-up like the rest of the line-up. Not only that, but we decided to use some heavy reinforcement in this little monster with glass and carbon fiber. Both kicks are carbon-reinforced, which is neatly tucked away inside of the board. So even though the edge is now a solid bamboo and glass line, be assured: it’s in there, resulting in a more solid and longer lasting snappy pop.

Well, short. It is 40 cm (or 15.75 Inches) from inner bolt to inner bolt.
Quick turning, fast popping, whoppaloppin’.


Throw some nice and loose traditional kingpin or reversed kingpin 150 trucks under there, cruise and slalom or go to the city to dodge pedestrians. Or ollie unto and down from sidewalks. Like a fish in the river. Or is that too lofty?

– Jeffrey Oldenkamp


As easy to carry as to have fun with in the streets. Bring your toy to work. A nice cruiser with a flat tail.

– Marijn Smit


The meerkat is sweavery. I don’t even know what the f*ck that means, but that’s how I feel it. It’s like being the most jacked up salmon in the group when going up the river. Effortless, dodging skinny salmon. It’s like being the fat kid in a slide (like the ones in the parks for kids), feeling scared at the beginning, but once you realise how much fun it was, you’re going down AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. That’s pretty much what I can come up with for the meerkat. It’s the right board inside the wrong board industry. 

Actually, I found out what sweavery means: ‘Sweave is a function in the statistical programming language R that enables integration of R code into LaTeX or LyX documents. The purpose is to create dynamic reports, which can be updated automatically if data or analysis change.’

– Pablo Gdc

The majestic meerkat overlooking the savanna because Aunt Susan lost her damn car keys somewhere and now everyone has to go and look for them and find ’em before they can head back home. As all our boards in the Primordial series, this graphic is made by Lance Schmale.

Suggested set-up
This board works best with 129mm to 150mm sized trucks. But it is a personal preference. We suggest a narrow sized truck, but reverse kingpin or traditional kingpin is personal preference. Both work really well and depends on which style of riding you want to go for. For a more skateboard like experience, use the traditional kingpins. For a more surfy and cruise feel, which also works well for freestyle you can also opt for the reversed kingpin set-up.

Depending on the level of comfort you want to have while riding you may choose any size of wheel you want. Just use an appropriately sized riser when the wheels get above 60mm.


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