Chamois Single Kick


A downhill monster to be reckoned with. Bacon concave and flares. Also a kicktail to throw in some techincal stuff while bombing.

Length93 cm, 36.61inch
Width24 cm, 9.45 inch
Wheelbase59 cm – 63.5 cm (3 options) 23.23 inch – 25 inch
Concave stance1.4 cm, 0.551 inch

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General Discription

This board is named after a mountain goat. Because it is specifically made to bomb mountains. A board that is made to go fast, stay strong and getting you to the finish line faster than ever.


Hmmmm. Bacon. Not only is it the chamois’ favorite snack, it’s also very practical. When in tuck, you need a stable platform. To feel where your feet are at all time is a must. Certainly at the speeds this board can endure.

Due to big flares, the board is very stiff. Also it makes room for larger wheels. And we all know from our favorite physics class that the square root of mg over the constant of drag times the sine of theta (the angle of the slope) gives you a higher theoretical maximum velocity. Considering that there is more force needed to get started with big wheels, the theoretical maximum velocity is higher. That’s why we have flares on this downhill board with big wheelwells. Now, this might sound a bit like random gibberish, but remember: bigger is better.


The Chamois comes in two varieties: Single kick, no kick. The single kick has a mellow kick to give the board a more versatile use. If you only want to bomb them hills, consider the no kick option. The fact that it looks pretty is an extra, also the weight is less, meaning you have an easier time dragging your gear back up for the next run. Whatever you prefer, Timber has got you covered.

Mechanical Properties

Lots of stuff going on here. One thing is the most important: It’s stiff as a person who tried paintball yesterday for the first time and and today found out that he/she totally underestimated the physical work involved in war. Heavy carbon, heavy glass, different weaves and heavy concave makes this board tough as a rock. No flex, torsion or unexpected weird stuff. Just like all our boards, absolute care is made in the glue process to ensure this board will not let you down. Except for down the hill. Haha. Ha.


All things considered it’s a big wheelbase. There are a total of 9 different ways to set up your quiver. Making this downhill board very customizable to your individual needs. The wheelbase is chosen in such a way that it’s in the perfect middle ground. Not too long, not too short. If it were shorter, you are more likely to get wobbles on higher speeds. This also depends on skill, but making the wheelbase a bit larger gives you a more stable, controllable ride.




Standing taller than the ego of Charlie Sheen, the holy chamois appears before the non-believers.

Suggested set-up

Thanks to its wheelwells there are a lot of options. Going fast? Consider some precision trucks. Bit expensive but very reliable. If you want really big wheels (bigger than 75mm) you might need some risers.