This board will blow your mind the first time you skate it. The short wheelbase with big kicks make it fly all over the place, challenging you to get a lot of control of your own tricks.

The Conselecta is like a cross-over between a longboard and some sort of skateboard on steroids.

Length 105 CM, 41 Inch
Width 23 CM, 9.05 Inch
Wheelbase 57.7 CM, 22.7 Inch/ 60.7 CM, 23.9 Inches


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General Description

If you’re used to longer boards, the first time you skate this board it will blow you away. The short wheelbase with big kicks make it fly all over the place, challenging you to get a lot of control of your own tricks. The long kicks don’t have a problem with the wear and tear of all the tricks you will bang on it. Because of this length the pop will stay the same for a very long time which makes it easier to get used to and stay consistent all the time.



A combination of high rails, small flares, rocker and a flat surface coming to a choke in the middle. And rocker. So, the best of everything. Relatively stiff, but still has a bit of flex to give it that familiar ‘snap’ when popping those tricks. Big kicks ensure this boards is as practical as it is tough.


Pretty big. Almost like a skateboard, but not quite. The kicks start out in such a way that this board has immense pop. When skating this board for a while the kicks will wear out. That’s just what it does. But even so, you will have enough kick left after a long while to still pop all the tricks you want.

Mechanical Properties

It has some extreme shapes, making it pretty stiff. Add some extra carbon on the top layer to make it more rigid and minimize torsional flex. Though it does have some flex, because of the straight platform in the middle, where there is no concave.
Making it a great all-round trickboard with enough stiffness to comfortably speed down hills, but
enough flexibility to give a very natural snapback when landing tricks and dancing.
The whole thing is loaded with composites. Glass in the middle does NOTHING for the flex.
that’s what the other layers are for. This middle layer of lightweight glass is used to tighten the
glue bond even more. The carbon on the bottom ensures a consistant form throughout its lifetime.


57,7 centimeters (22,7 inches) for the most narrow option. The widest option gives you 60.7cm (23,9 inches) makes this board turn fast. Better keep your focus, although dodging
unexpected cyclists becomes way easier.


Fast, technical and graceful when used properly. This board will keep your focus and challenges you to get more consistent with your tricks.


To appease the gods of skating the best way is to play a didgeridoo with your butt sticking out. This graphic is one of the finest works of art made by Lance Schmale.

Suggested set-up

Lightweight trucks, 65-70mm wheels are recommended. Though for 70mm or larger, we suggest you take a look at a riser as well to ensure there will be no pesky wheelbite when you like your trucks loose.

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