Talk about some good-old days. Still mostly unchanged, the Bison is a cornerstone of what Timber is built on. Pidgeon man Sietse Vliegen designed it and we keep his legacy high, we try. The monster of freestyle. Now since 2018 with wheelwells and multiple wheelbases.


Length 110 CM, 43 Inch
Width 23.5 CM, 9.25 Inch
Wheelbase 64.5 CM, 25.4 Inch/ 67.5cm, 26.6 Inch
Concave in the middle 1 CM, 0.394 Inch
Concave at stance 1.3 CM, 0.512 Inch

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General Description

So you better stock up on razors ‘cuase hair will grow in new places the second you put your hooves on this beast. THE Rough and tough board for the skaters with a ‘let’s break everything’-attitude.



This board is pretty wide at 23,5 centimeters. The concave is considerate to this. It has a rather tough concave making this board very stiff. The middle part, between the bolts lengthwise is pretty flat. Giving you a large platform to land on while doing big flip tricks. Accentuated concave at the stance will let you know where your feet are at all times.


Big ones. The shape of the kicks are chosen in such a way that it’s great for no-comply pressure flip tricks and no-comply variations. Pops kind of like a skateboard. Which is pretty awesome considering the length. Also it works well with the design which is nice. Large platform to land so you can revert out of tricks easily (yeah.. easy). Shape, design and practicality come together nicely in this board.

Mechanical Properties

Big concave all over, combined with the length of the wheelbase and the length of the kicks give this board a really hard feel. Stiff. Pretty damned stiff. Not a rock. Just enough to have this springy feedback when doing tricks. Carbon, different glass weaves of different weights and reinforced kicks make this board durable and resistant to a very long and hard pounding. Get your minds out of the gutter.


64,5 centimeters (25,4 inches) and 67,5cm (26,6 inches) for the widest option. Not too long, not too short. The perfect middle ground.

Like a herd of bison plowing through a picnic. Balloons fly away into the sky. The next day in the distance a church bell rings.


Touching the handprint made by the first of men will bond this board to your everlasting soul. Made by Lance Schmale

Suggested set-up

This board is pretty all round. You can go with all kinds of 180’s, bushings and all that. Whatever you like. If you want bigger wheels we do suggest an appropriate sized riser. It does have flares so it’s ok to use some bigger wheels. To a certain point. Maybe after 70 millimeters you need some risers, but this depends on how turny you like your trucks to be. Tim: “65mm is the best”.