Axolotl 41″


Here it is. The one and only Axolotl prodeck. Designed in close collaboration with Wolf.
The purest freestyle form embodied.

Length 105 cm, 41 inch
Width 23.3 cm, 9.17 inch
Wheelbase 62.5 cm-65.5 cm, 24.6 inch-25.8 inch
Kicks 13.5 cm-15 cm, 5.3 inch-5.09 inch

In stock (can be backordered)

Full Grip Torn To Shreds

Shredded and torn griptape design to make your deck shred even shredable. *Each grip is different and unique because the griptape will be torn apart by hand and just follow it's natural flow.

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General Description

Did you know the Axolotl was a part of the Aztec diet?

The evolution of the longboard industry is embedded into this featherlight board. A future where skaters test the limits of their boards and demand the best in durabilty and the most versatile shapes.

A combination of all the best features of all of Timbers’ boards. A monster of subtlety. A visionary of future endeavors. Stare into the eyes of the axolotl and come to grasp with your fate.

Every board in the Timber line-up has their unique features. Combine the best of all freestyle boards and you get the axolotl.
Multi-stage concave gives this board a very characteristic feel. The middle has a bit less concave compared to the stance.
What is noteworthy is that the shape of the board gives this board an almost even feeling concave all around.

Let me explain: The board is widest at the waist with 23,3 centimeters. So even though it has mellower concave there, it’s still 1.2 centimeters.
The stance is less wide with 22.3 centimeters. Even though the concave here is more, it will still go 1.2 centimeters up.

This means a few things:
A balanced and even feel when dancing on the board.
A concave with more curvature at the stance, to grip the board better while sliding.
Protruding towards the curvature of the tail. This gives more control for one-foot tricks and will let you know where you stand at all times. No flatness here.
A rigid feel, with just enough spring to make it feel natural when doing your tricks.

With the two wheelbase options, you get to have a few options. When trucks are closest to the middle you will have 15,2-centimeter kicks. That’s pretty big for a relatively short board. The other option is 13,7 centimeters. You can choose to make it more asymmetrical. Changing around the wheelbase will make you notice that the pop changes somewhat. With the shortest wheelbase, the pop will be steady, high and more horizontally. With the larger wheelbase option, your kick gets smaller. Now the board will pop more vertical so you can get some more air on your tricks.

Now, the shape: After the bolts it’s a short flat spot when after a few centimeters it aggressively curves upward to form a flat surface where you will place your feet for tricks. This makes one foot manuals a breeze, since you can place your entire foot lengthwise on the bolts without much curvature. The curving upwards follows directly out of the concave near the bolts, making it a little bit of a cup before transitioning into the flat surface. These kicks will feel solid due to the carbon reinforcement from start to end and it will feel like you’ve skated this board before.

Mechanical Properties
Lot’s of testing. We have to admit, some lay-ups worked better than others. But we found it. We can tell you this:
It has carbon on top and stringers on the bottom. Stiff, light and dare I say pretty.
Also, it has the highest quality E-glass (just like all our boards). Meaning: less dense, strong and durable.
It is LIGHT. it weighs around 1.7 kg, which is pretty crazy. Only cruisers will become lighter.
Adding up all this glass, carbon, the outline and the concave you get a perfectly balanced, lightweight and super strong board.
Even the way this board looks (the outline) is thought out carefully to minimize chipping and keeps you skating on a good looking board longer. But who cares about the looks anyways? Hollywood. That’s who.


Most people choose to start with the widest wheelbase and after it gets some damage on the kicks, they move up to the shortest wheelbase. This has the upsides of making your board skate well for a longer period and steadily increasing your pop by wearing down the tails and switching wheelbases.

The longest wheelbase is 65,5 centimeters
The shortest wheelbase is 62,5 centimeters

As stated before, the longest wheelbase will of course give you the shortest length of kicks. Therefore it pops higher compared to the wheelbase with the longest kicks. Even so, this board will pop great regardless of your choice of wheelbase. But it’s nice to know you can tweak it to suit your personal preference.

A true freestyle board. A new branch in longboard evolution.
Tricks will fly high and fast. Predictable and steady.
The board provides a steady and characteristic enough concave to make you feel confident about landing those big tricks. Pushing yourself and the gear to its maximum.
Dancing on this board will be fast. Although it is kinda short, all of its features come together to harmonize into a flowing stream like the water from which it came.

A pen and ink drawing made by Wolf, incorporated into the characteristic style of Lance Schmale. Tweaked by the technician Jouke Bos at Timber Boards to provide a sweet color combination.
That time you took shrooms and fell into the water and got visited by a God dressed as an axolotl.

Suggested set-up
180 trucks and 60-65 millimeter wheels. This combination will be the absolute bomb. You can choose higher, but even though it has wheelwells, you might want to consider a riser if you go 70 millimeters or higher to ensure absolutely no wheelbite. Depending on your brand of trucks and how loose you have your bushings.
Also: Yellow wheels are a nice contrast with the blue. Just saying.

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