It’s a skate of mind T-shirt


After a lot of sampling we found the best fitting, most durable shirt for skating and added a custom design made by Puto Pablo.
The fact that the price is really low for the quality it provides makes this Timber Boards T-shirt a perfect add-on to your order.

By buying this shirt you will receive:
1 bordeux red 100% cotton T-shirt with front and back print
Love and prosperity on uneven weekdays *
Extra skateskill due to the comfort and absorbing power of the material
Jealousy from your skatebuddies and oh those salty tears of missing out taste so so good

Support us and treat yourself with the Skate of Mind special edition T-shirt now. Or later. But now is better.

*Subjective. Timber Boards is not responsible for the amount of love and prosperity received when wearing this shirt.

Make it complete


A size guide is kinda hard here.
Are you small? Take a small (S)
Are you Extra Large? Take an Extra Large (XL)
Are you small but do you roll with loose fitting clothes? Choose either L or XL.
Are you large but want to show of them muscles or rolls? Choose a Small size shirt.

It is kind of a personal preference. In the picture Tim is showing a Large sized T-shirt. He is about 1,78 meters tall.