How long does it take?

In stock:  2-7 working days 

Backorder:    2-3 weeks 

It depends on your country and if your board is in stock or not. We are in The Netherlands, so Germany is about 2-3 weekdays. If you order from let’s say.. Singapore, it will take a bit longer. Our experience is that after the shipping is done, you can expect it in 7-10 working days.
When you ship your board, normally you will get an e-mail saying your order is ‘ Completed “. We also installed a feature that gives tracking info, but we also noticed this doesn’t always work. You can always contact us if you didn’t receive tracking info.

If it does take longer, send us a message. We rarely ever have problems after we send the package, but it does happen. It’s out of our control but we can always contact the pacakge service to see what’s up.

What does it cost?
Also depends on your country. We have a calculator in the shopping cart. Most of Europe is for free, otherwise it’s a 15-30 Euro Flatrate.