10 Jul

Interview: Being an intern at Timber Boards Longboard Workshop

Throughout the years many people have done their internship at Timber Boards. Varying from university students from abroad to local vocational  ‘Creative Craftmanship’ students. All our welcome to learn at Timber Boards. The past months it has been busy at Timber because we  had two students doing their internships at the workshop. First one is Jeffrey Oldenkamp who many of you might know already. He’s been a Timber rider for a serious long time and really wanted to help with setting up the CNC router. And so he did. And then there was Tim Verdonk. No not the owner of Timber Boards, but an enthusiastic skater from Groningen. As both of their internships are about to come to an end it’s time to ask them about their time at the Timber HQ. What has kept them busy the past months? How is Tim as a boss? What did they learn during their time in the workshop?

How would someone apply for an internship with Timber Boards?

Jeffrey: There are multiple ways to apply for an internship with Timber Boards. I for example have been a team rider for years and one evening my girlfriend and me had dinner with Tim and Jildou. We just had a fun evening and talked about everything and nothing when my school career came up. I told them I was looking for an internship and Tim told me I was welcome to do it with Timber Boards. And so it started.

Tim: I sent an e-mail to info@skatetimber.com and asked if I could do my internship with Timber. I had a video call with Tim, we talked about my wishes, the schools wishes and what Tim expected from me and then we decided to give it a go!

What do you study?

Jeffrey: Third year Bachelor of Industrial Product Design (HBO Industrieel Product Ontwerpen) at Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

Tim: First year Vocational Creative Craftmanship (MBO4 Creatief Vakman) at Alfa College Groningen.

How long was your internship?

Jeffrey: 22 weeks.

Tim: 10 weeks.

What did you do during your internship? 

Jeffrey: Partially industrializing the production process with the goal of reducing the physical labor intensity and active time spent on making a board, using a CNC router. Tim had bought a CNC, had no idea how it worked, I had to fix it for him. And so I did. Besides that I’ve also been busy designing a new board! Can’t say anything about that yet, sorry. I also helped Tim with our booth at So.. You Can Longboard Dance in Eindhoven this year and it was a lot of fun! Wherever Tim needed extra hands in the workshop I was there to help him. And entertaining Bashshar, Tim’s dog, was a major task! 

Tim: In the beginning I was mainly helping and assisting wherever I could. The internship turned out slightly different than I expected, because we had to rebuild the whole workshop. Luckily I’m quite experienced with odd jobs. We have build a dust extraction unit and molds for all the boards. I have worked on re-designing the pressing system and I made new board racks to bring to events. All in all, lots of small projects with plenty of room for creativity. Now I’m working on my own project, using leaves and veneers to create my own custom board.

What was the most fun thing you guys did?

Jeffrey: Timber Fest! It was complete chaos on the day itself. Having to rebuild the whole workshop and make space for the bands whilst teamriders and other visitors arrived throughout the day. Lots of friends from overseas who I had not seen in years came by which was a lot of fun!

Tim: Building my own board was my absolute favorite thing to do! Something I really looked out to.

What was the least fun thing you guys did?

Jeffrey: Having two colleagues named ‘Tim’. f#$#%ng annoying.

Tim: The beautiful voice of our new CNscream machine.

How many times have u screwed up a board?

Jeffrey: Two Tortugas, one Kiwi, two prototypes and one Axolotl. Disclaimer: I had never worked with a CNC before, so trial and error!

Tim: So far none… No further comments.

What is it like working for Bashshar?

Jeffrey: The Prince is forgiving.

Tim: Loved and feared. He is a ruler with an iron paw who doesn’t do excuses.

Who can do the best impression of the sanding machine?



What’s Tim his best quality as an internship leader?

Jeffrey: There’s no strict ‘pick order’ at Timber. Anyone’s ideas are always being taken into account. It’s not like, ‘you’re the intern so shut up and do your job’.

Tim: Tim is always honest and open. You can assume that anything Tim says is what he actually thinks. Even if that’s random noises. Besides he is very thoughtful and understanding.

What is your most used phrase?

Jeffrey: “Oh kut, m’n tosti!” (Oh cunt, my grilled cheese sandwich!)

Tim: “Boards! Boards! Boards!”

What is your favorite set-up?

Jeffrey: Timber Tortuga stiff with PARIS V3 165MM 50° trucks and Arbor Axel Serrat Pro Model 58mm Sucrose wheels.

Tim: Timber Tortuga medium with CALIBER III 10″ 50° trucks and Blood Orange 60mm 82a Jammerz wheels.

Do you both want to become board builders in future?

Jeffrey: Absolutely not! Now this sounds very negative, but I don’t want to be financially dependent on such a niche market. And Timber already is the best of the best so I don’t feel the need to compete with that. I will forever be part of Timber Boards in any way, always there to help.

Tim: Oh yes definitely! I’m also going to name my company Timber Boards! Ok no just kidding. I find building boards very interesting and there’s a great vibe in the Timber workshop, but my dream job is creating furniture of solid wood.