Frequently Asked Questions

Currently you are being redirected to the contact page. If you are interested in getting a Timber Board, just send us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss details.

The webshop will be fully functional soon. Hopefully by the end of february.

When you send a message, you can specify a question, or just the type of board you want. With some e-mail back and forth we can always figure out which board is best for you.

We are working hard to get a global reach. So far we haven’t had any problems sending anywhere. From Taiwan to Turkey, from USA to Ukraine, we will try to figure it out so you can skate.

Please remember that shipping costs vary from country to country, and even from city to city. We are currently working hard to get a very good (and cheaper!) estimate integrated into the webshop. It will be tight!

When an unnatural break occurs, you can pick out a similar board.

Chipping and surface cracks do not fall under warranty. This is expected to happen with a natural product when you pound it into the asphalt. If we would refund this we would not survive as a company.

We are constantly developing and trying new stuff to minimize the wear and tear of your Timber Board. Also, we use some real space-age epoxy glue that has been stress-tested to see the best combination with the used woods to almost certainly say they will not break. When pigs will fly and the board does break, send us an e-mail or message through facebook or the website. We’ll figure it out.

Who knows. Send us a video showing your skating skills and editing skills through e-mail: info@skatetimber.com

We have different grades in our team buildup. First you will become a ‘flow’-member. Meaning that you have to prove your worth. When you are actively involved and provide content you can get upgraded to a full team-rider. Meaning we will sponsor your board. Flow-riders get board for production costs, which is significantly less then the retail price.

Know this: We strive for the best skating, but also a nice character gets you a long way. We are all family.

That’s awesome! Send us an e-mail at info@skatetimber.com and we’ll make a deal.

Tell us which models your interested in, or the skate style that you want to accommodate and we’ll suggest some models based on your preference.

Check out the contact page and hit us with a message. Be sure to specify the subject so we know what it’s about. We will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.