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Customize your Timber longboard

Timber Boards has a long history of graphic designs and custom longboards. Timber started over a decade ago as a hobby project in a small shed in the garden. Money was quite the issue because we didn’t want to depend on bank loans so with the tiniest bit of money we created boards with the most beautiful graphics possible.

So get yourself a nice drink (we don’t want to support alcohol abuse so depending on the time you read this get yourself a fresh cup of coffee, a refreshing soda or a nice cold beer) and get ready for this blog post full of sweet memories, the best hand made graphics and all we do right now at Timber Boards!

A trip down custom longboard memory lane

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Stencils and posca markers

OK, we do believe we have the most wonderful graphics on our longboards designed by Lance Schmale. His art is out of this world and we have been huge fans since day one. Check out his art here. We remember the days when we had just started Timber Boards and Lance was still in art school. He designed some pretty amazing graphics and with a cutting plotter he made stencils for us. It was quite messy to use, but with a little money we had graphics on our boards. With posca paint markers we added pretty details on the graphic. It was so much fun to do and we could really be creative with the posca paint designs! But it was also very time consuming, so we had to look for an alternative that was easier and faster to work with. So we build a printer to print our graphics on bamboo!

Artistic friends and sweet memories

Besides our regular graphics we wanted to do something else too. We have always been surrounded by tons of artistic people drawing, painting and creating the most beautiful pieces. Some of them had the opportunity to (hand-)create designs on our boards. Every once in a while those custom boards pop up somewhere and it brings back lots of great memories! Memories of the beginning of Timber when we were just young lads with big dreams. Memories of barbecues at the old workshop, insane skate events in Germany (yes, Germans know how to throw a great event!) and huge Wednesday Zwolle Rolle skate sessions. But I’m wandering off… let’s get back to our artistic friends! Because they made some great designs!

I mean, look at that!

Fancy dancer grip longboards

The first Fancy Dancer Grip

Years ago we discovered something cool. A discovery that replaced black grip tape but less grippy. We decided to name it ‘Fancy Dancer Grip’. When dancing on a longboard most skaters want something else than grippy grip tape. Some people prefer to dance without any grip, but we found out that we did need a little grip and tried something we had never done before. During the board building process we added a special layer of grip on top of the board. And it worked out pretty f*ckng great! We got so many orders with this fancy layer of awesomeness that we barely could keep up with the demand. People absolutely loved the Fancy Dancer Grip and we regularly add new funky styles to our collection.

Custom Timber in the year 2023

All thought the brand has professionalized and industrialized a lot throughout the past ten years and focused more on getting a well established collection of longboards, we don’t want to forget our roots. This is why we want customers to have the possibility to put together their custom dream longboard. We are currently working on something really cool, but it’s not quite working yet. It has something to do with custom and personal designs… We don’t want to spoil too much. The moment it’s working you will be notified! For now we would like to display the custom options we have available on our website.

Fancy Dancer Grip

In the year 2023 we have 19 (!) different Fancy Dancer Grip patterns to offer. Can be applied to any board of your choice and cannot be bought separately since we apply the layer during the building process. It is grippy, but shoe friendly. Meaning, your shoes will not be eaten away by aggressive grip tape. It’s Fancy. It’s per-fect for longboarders that like to dance on their board. It’s funky, because we believe a little color won’t hurt the world.

Venust Veneer

Honestly nothing new under the sun. Veneer has been used by our colleagues for years already. Last year we decided that we wanted to make some veneer decks as well. At first we thought about making a few decks and sell them, but eventually we decided to build boards with veneer on demand.

Veneer is a super thin layer of wood. Expensive and fragile. A very delicate product to work with. We glue it on top of the board; on one side or both sides. In the ‘Custom Longboard’ builder on the website you can assemble the board how you like it. To give the board its final finesse we screw a brass Timber Boards logo on it and we apply a swirly nose and tail grip.

Bidiagonal Carbon Fiber Finish

The most expensive option to go for with your custom longboard, but definitely worth it. Bidiagonal carbon on your board makes your board stiffer and stronger but also very good looking! Our team rider Onno was beyond excited when we announced this customization and immediately wanted one for himself. Honestly it can be a bit scary to try new things so we kind of needed his encouragement. The result is breathtaking! To finish the board and give it its final look we screw a brass Timber Boards logo on it and apply swirly nose and tail grip.

Now you are fully up to date about the custom longboard projects we do at Timber HQ. Your wish is our command. Well, maybe not all wishes but when it comes to creating a masterpiece of a board, we got you! Check out the Custom & Special section here on the website to assemble your perfect combination of awesomeness. If you need any advice or help, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

We’re here to help.

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