Second Newsletter March 2016

Hello everyone! This newsletter is going to be about some random developments at Timber Boards. Also, some upcoming things we’re really excited about and other nonsense that we deem interesting enough to tell you kind people. Little list of stuff being discussed:

  • Router is fixed
  • 3d printed stuff
  • Bison
  • Shredsled
  • Boards abroad
  • Webshop

Everything goes to sh*t

Not really. But we made a sport of buying all our tools as cheap as possible. Sometimes cheap stuff is really good quality, like our new spindle sander that has inflatable tubes for a sweet round finish. Costs us around €50,-. Still can’t believe that deal we got from a random Frisian farmer somewhere in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, we’ve made a lot of purchases that we later on came to regret. Like a power drill that caught fire, a top-router that literally exploded in Tim’s hands causing some Vietnam flashbacks for him, and other random small tools that just fell apart due to the abuse we put them through.

This year is going to be different though. We are planning to invest in some quality tools that can hold up to the abuse that is building our boards. Since it’s glass-fiber and carbon-fire mixed with wood, you’re gonna need some heavy duty stuff. We recently lost our router, and had to save up some money to finally get a new one. This year we will try to save up to buy a new tool  at the moment it breaks. We expect it will break at some point and we want to be ready when it happens. Live and learn!

The future is now

Our beloved long-haired teamrider Olivier Gossink is a pretty nifty guy when it comes to 3-d printers, lasercutting and all kinds of tinkering

Imagine the possibility's!

Imagine the possibilities!

with stuff that’s a bit over our heads. Recently he started experimenting with some random vector drawings resulting in some awesome stuff. Take the 3d printed shredsled for example. Made from some kind of organic filament that smells, feels and shreds like real Mahogany wood!

Now we’ve provided him with some bamboo and veneer to try out some stuff. Maybe a Timber key-chain? Maybe some interactive business cards? He is already experimenting with all kinds of cool projects so we are curious to see what rolls our of his creative mind.

Bison and website 

Some of you might have noticed that the Bison is now featured in the Shop environment right here. It has all the info about the board. This means that it’s is now officially released! Send us an e-mail if you’re interested in one, since the webshop is not functional yet. We expect it to be in working order somewhere this month. Greatest news we have to share with you is that we found a reliable and cheaper shipping method, that is being integrated into the webshop and tested (hopefully) this week. This means two things: Cheaper shipment for you and a better system for shipping for us resulting in shorter waiting times.

Shredsled hypetrain

Graphic masterfully done by Lance Schmale

Graphic masterfully done by Lance Schmale

In the last newsletter we explained that we are still testing the Shredsled. Though not perfected (yet) to our standards, we are getting some very enthusiastic feedback from our teamriders and people around the world skating the early prototypes. So we are currently making these boards on demand. If you want one, you can have one. In the meantime we will keep developing the board to make it perfect. To give an idea about the design, which is a collaboration of the brainwaves of our team rider Gijs Schalkx and our designer Lance Schmale, check the picture.  Its functionality is almost on par with its sexiness.



Going Global

As stated earlier, we are working hard to have an integrated system within the webshop to automatically calculate the costs of shipping to your address. It’s going to be cheaper compared to our previous prices so that’s a win right there. Needs some testing before applying though. Soon.


We have had some awesome responses to our boards from many different countries. One of these in particular is Taiwan. In Taipei our
good friends down at Amgreat Integration have adopted our boards with a twist. Seeing as they are people with taste, they requested a very special edition for their Timber Line-up. We made some Flamingo’s and Tortuga’s with darker woodstaining and finished it off with line seed oil. They put some killer copper plates with our logo on it making the whole thing look perfect. We’re even considering making a few of these special editions for the rest of you guys, but as of now they are only available in Taiwan. But not for long, since they are almost already sold out. Even before all the copper plates were finished. They expect more interest and we are more than happy to provide. Their awesome ideas push us towards even more beautiful boards.

So we have Taiwan, but we are also getting more and more requests from countries like Japan, USA, South Korea, Italy and even Brazil. You can’t even begin to comprehend our enthusiasm about this fact. Our vision is to get everyone who wants to ride a Timber to be able to so we are putting a lot of effort into delivering on every request. Sometimes though, this takes some planning and time and we ask for your understanding when you have to wait a bit longer than usual. Better shipping and organizing will hopefully result in shorter waiting periods within this year. The best of years. 2016.

Other developments

I’m unsure whether I should say this here, so early on in the process but f*ck it. It’s our business, we can do whatever the hell we want, right?

So the Kiwi is coming back. Inspired on the first model we ever produced. Back in the day it was a heavy but very sturdy board with round kicks and a big platform. The new version (which is in very early development) will be like a mix between Timber Boards and SpaceX technology. This is an exaggeration of course, but the plans for this board are pretty damn ambitious. Won’t give everything away but I can tell you this: It’s gonna be shorter. Around 105-110 centimeters. It’s gonna have camber. Hate it or love it. The kicks will be more subtle, but will feature a bowl-concave. That it. That’s all your gonna get. Get excited.

A short board is in the mind of Tim. All we can now say is that it will fulfill the needs of dancers wanting a short trickboard.

LOTS of events where you’re going to see us. Like SYCLD, the main event of Longboarding in the world. Also, MacVenture is a mountainboarding event that provides us with a stand to merge two worlds of skating. We are also planning on going to France, Germany and some local events in The Netherlands. Tim will be going to Barcelona as well!  This year is going to be epic.

What else? Well. You just have to wait for the next newsletter I suppose. Too much to talk about!


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