First Newsletter 2016

Welcome to the first Monthly Newsletter from Timber!

To give an idea what this newsletter is about, here is a small summation:

-Sietse is going on to other projects

-New boards coming up

-Website under construction but getting better soon!

First off:

You guys and gals are amazing. We are currently working hard to make our website looking at least halfway decent, but even with the old website, the orders for boards are coming in from around the world. Now that we have a framework of the new version of the website we are still working every day to try and keep up with the demand. This is naturally AWESOME for a starting company and we thank you and the entire community for the love.

Sietse’s dream

Some of you must’ve heard about Sietse’s choice to stop being owner of Timber Boards. He started to join Tim and me in 2012 and had a huge shared responsibility of taking Timber Boards to every next level. He helped us by skating very well, managing the entire team and building the boards. You all know the Bison, Sietse’s brainchild.

We all know Sietse is a man of many interests, but skating is the number one thing that gets him going. He has chosen to go on to his own projects since our combined interests and opinions on the future of our company started growing apart. Now he is determined to chase his dreams with new projects, so keep checking up on him!

All in all, we made this decision together and are on very good terms. Sietse is our best friend and will remain to be our best friend,  and even though he’s looking for a house in the middle of the country (Zwolle!) we will be seeing each other many times. Seeing that he can skate so hard that the heavens will crash upon earth, he will most likely find his way into the longboard stardom that he so clearly deserves, so we are far from worried.

Now Timber Boards has some administrative stuff to figure out. Tim and I are busy every day to make plans to get everything sorted out. The Team is our highest priority, since we love those guys and girls and we need new plans. So hang tight and expect some awesome stuff!

Antiloper freeride/freestyle board coming up!

Next to the stuff going on behind the scenes, we have a few new boards coming through the production line. The ANTILOPER, which is an homage to Cornelis Terpstra, the person who made handmade Longboards in Leeuwarden before we even started with building ours. This board is going to be a freeride board. Jouke Bos is the creator of this beastly deck. Since it can and will be used at high speeds, we feel the obligation to make this thing PERFECT. Not nearly perfect, but goddamn motherflippin’ straight-up PERFECT. We’re almost there. We have made a lot of prototypes now, and this board is right on the edge of what’s possible with our current pressing techniques so it is difficult to get it exactly the same every time. Almost. Photo’s and stuff will be made soon. Here is a little preview:

Plowing with Bisons

On the other hand, the BISON v2 is ready! The graphic is awesomely done by Lance Schmale and in the same minimalistic style as the other boards. The shape is very similar to the first version, but the new use of 3 layers of bamboo make this board a lot lighter compared to the first one. By carefully lying out different weaves of glass and the most carbon we’ve used so far, we lost weight, but didn’t have to compromise the rough sturdiness that everyone loves about the bison. We will soon make some quality pictures and put it on the website to make it available to order so people can skate it!

What else?

Another awesome board coming up is the ShredSled. A big skateboard-lookin board. We tested them a lot and came to a few conclusions. The common thought about the board is: It’s awesome, but it would be even more awesome if it’s made of maple. Currently it’s made of bamboo, which has a different feel to it. Not bad, just different. We are looking to get some maple soon and test which is better. Soooo.. even more testing of this board is coming up before we are confident enough to sell it to people.

Oh and the website is getting there! We are trying to get some good estimates of shipping costs worldwide. Been a bit of a hassle but it’s going to be integrated in the webshop. As of now we just have a contact form, but we are working on making it better/working. In Holland there are some laws when opening a webshop but we finished almost all preparations. Soon!

To not make this newsletter so long that we can bind it into a book I will make a small list of things we are working on:

-3D printed stuff

-New types of wood and veneer

-Accounting programs so we can keep track of things

-Buying a new router since the old one is off center, earning it the nickname ‘suicide machine’. Parts are now in and now we need a sturdy metal frame to keep it safe in it’s place. Luckily our community at ‘De Fabriek’ can help us out.

-Much more!


So yeah, 2016 is going to be epic. The Newsletter will be more frequent because there is so much to talk about! Put in your e-mail address below to receive the Newsletter every time it’s uploaded if you’re interested to see what’s up.


Skate on.

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